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The Guardian once called Indonesia “The Biggest Invisible Thing on Earth”, which seems like a pretty apt description. Despite being the fourth-most populous country in the world —with 260 million people dispersed across 17,000 islands spanning 3,000 miles from east to west across the equator — there’s a dearth of English-language news and general awareness about the vast nation.

But the world is waking up to Indonesia (and vice-versa). The country’s enormous mining, agriculture, and oil and gas industries are being supplemented with fast-growing tourism and technology sectors, while domestic consumption is fueled by the fourth-biggest middle class in the world.

Indonesia is a complicated country, encompassing everything from the glitzy mega-malls of Jakarta and the unspoiled oceanic beauty of West Papua’s Raja Ampat to the palm oil plantations of Sumatra and the beaches of Bali. Corruption and religious extremism still threaten to tear it apart, but there is great hope (and opportunity) to be found in understanding what unifies this disparate archipelago.

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A round-up of the most essential political, business, and cultural news from Indonesia every week, produced by the editors of Coconuts Jakarta.